EESC 1168 Lecture 33: 4.19 tornadoes II

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Earth & Environmental Sciences
EESC 1168
Elizabeth Follett

Lecture 33 A Little Review: When multiple weather systems collide, violent, cyclonic storms can develop This process creates the type of storm that generates most tornadoes Supercell thunderstorm start to generate tornadoes, but dont always Conservation of angular momentum As spinning vortices stretch, they must spin faster in order to conserve angular momentum against the wall cloud, which stretches to touch the ground As the tornado stretches thinner and thinner, it goes faster and faster When tornadoes touch down, they create a debris cloud of dust and other items blown by the winds Tornado Outbreaks Tornadoes occur often when a warm, highenergy air mass collides with a powerful, cold air mass A large collision zone can create several supercell storms that generate tornadoes, resulting in a tornado outbreak Sometimes, multiple bands of storms create multiple tornado outbreaks at the same time, or a super outbreak Have the weather conditions for a tornado, and multiple happen to occur for long periods of time, over a widespread area April 34, 1974 18 hour period 148 tornadoes of size F2 or greater touched down Could have been even more not the same technology as today 335 deaths, 6000 injured At one point, 15 tornadoes occurred simultaneously Multiple bands of storms (light, medium, and dark gray in the figure) generated tornado outbreaks Figure each color is a tornado outbreak, all together super outbreak Had less forecasting power than today hourly printouts from DC, so often times little warning, alarms not always set off April 2528, 2011 350 tornadoes were identified, with many of the strongest hitting population centers 321 deaths (316 on April 27) On April 27, 11 EF4 and four EF5 tornadoes struck Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. Alabama received 9 of these tornadoes, with 2 more crossing its boundaries Alabama hit the hardest
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