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Earth & Environmental Sciences
EESC 1180
Alan Kafka

I. PHYSICS OF ROLLER COASTERS: Educational Outcomes: 1) You will design a roller coaster and determine the average velocity a given marble travels, 2) You will demonstrate their knowledge of Potential and Kinetic Energy. 3) You will apply their knowledge of Energy 4) You will learn about energy loss in system Estimated Time: 1.0 hour + the animation construction Materials • Two small steel/chrome balls • 1 20 foot vinyl tube • Masking tape (to tape your roller coaster to the walls) • Tape measure or meter stick • Cup (to catch the balls) Part 1, using a small steel ball Introduction This Lab is about the thrill of velocity and unbalanced forces… we’re talking about Roller Coasters! In this Lab we are going to create a roller coaster that is the fastest and most exciting ride you can build! Your Challenge: Great America has enlisted your help to create an old fashioned roller coaster that relies solely on the force of gravity and momentum to move the cars. Your first challenge is to create a roller coaster for a steel ball to travel which has at least one complete vertical loop (and ideally 2-3 hills, perhaps spiral, be creative!!). Constraints: • Your ball must complete the course. • You ma
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