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Lecture 15

EESC 3310 Lecture 15: Week 15

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Earth & Environmental Sciences
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EESC 3310

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Moving Towards Sustainable Food Systems ● Indicators ○ Cranberry ■ Water quality/storage ● Water tests - nutrients, coliform, EC, pH, TDS ■ Biodiversity ■ Longevity of bog ■ Soil quality (pH, moisture, nutrients, O.M.) ■ Pests (monitoring, control, management) ■ Perennial plants ■ Watershed activities/management ■ Riparian land use ■ Financial sustainability (debt level, cost covering, profit, subsidies) ○ Livestock ■ Measuring runoff/water quality ■ Air quality (smell, emissions) ■ Energy usage ■ CO2 emissions ■ Production costs (marketable yield) ■ Biodiversity ■ Spread of disease ■ Nutrient cycling ■ Long term vitality ■ Health of the animals (meat quality, antibiotics needed, etc.) ■ Proportion of feed grown on farm ○ Used to determine health of your system ○ Amoeba can help represent crop health status -- disease, biodiversity, crop growth, yield, etc. ○ Global Supermarkets ■ Concentrates food sales/profits to one conglomeration ■ One-stop shopping ■ When we shop here/use this system, you give up ● Transparency - where your food is coming from
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