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Can Erbil

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February 11, 2013 1848 – Rebellions break out across Europe, sparked by the French revolution - Louis Philippe is overthrown and there is a period of instability in France - The country is split between radical urban workers and more conservative rural workers - People tried to overthrow states that were part of the conservative order set up by the Congress of Vienne “When France sneezes all of Europe catches a cold.” Mazzini – a republican nationalist from Italy, he is determined to rid Italy of all foreign occupied forces and wants Italy to emerge as a modern republic - Established Young Italy that aimed to free Italy from foreign domination - 1848, Italy rises up in rebellion starting in Sicily and spreading north Cavour made the Kingdom of Italy and created an army to fight against Austria. He is the prime minister for the Kingdom of Sardinia for Victor Emmanuel II. - Napoleon agrees to help him, and France and Italy defeatAustria in just 2 battles - Napoleon is looking for more territory in Northern Italy and negotiates a peace withAustria - This is a defeat for Cavour, as Napoleon has betrayed him 1860 – Northern Italy rebels against Napoleon’s rule and the aristocratic families that rule as they decide to join the Kingdom of Sardinia Giuseppe Garibaldi came to Italy just as Cavour is beginning to increase the influence of the Kingdom of Sardinia. They send him to Sicily with 1000 men known as the “red shirts.” - He successfully creates a massive uprising in Sicily against foreign powers an
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