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ENGL 1010
Elaine Tarutis

Chantz Delgado Reflection #1 First Year Writing Seminar My earliest memory of writing was when I was in preschool and the teacher assigned alphabet homework. She gave us a book with the alphabet written in light gray so then the children can trace them. The type of writing I enjoy doing is poems, essays on topics that interest me, and fictional stories. I dislike writing papers on group topics. I feel like a teacher should allow various topics for an assignment. My strong areas of writing are my ability to analyze works of literature and formulate a thesis. I think that my main struggle in writing is my grammar. If someone would observe me trying to get started writing, I would look confident and relaxing. I usually have a happy expression on my face so I do not think that will change if I started writing. The steps I follow while writing a first draft is brainstorming, outlining my ideas, and formulating them into a cohesive essay. I revise my papers by reading them out loud and after that is done, I usually give i
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