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ENGL 1010
Elaine Tarutis

R ESEARCH D RAFT W ORKSHOP G ROUPS As previously explained, we will have an in-class writing workshop on your research drafts this Wednesday, May 4 . To prepare for this workshop, each of you has to email your research draft to the other 2 members of your workshop group no later no later than TOMORROW, Tuesday, May 3 rd by 5:00 p.m. This should give everyone time to print out the essays, read them, and make notes about their feedback. This way, you can spend the entire workshop on Wednesday offering useful feedback on each other’s drafts. You will get the most helpful feedback from the other members of your workshop group if you provide them with a completed draft. Your draft should also include some sort of citations to let your readers know where information from outside sources is located in your essay and where it has come from. If you are only able to provide your group-members with a partial draft, do your best to briefly describe what you intend to cover in the unfinished part. Once you receive emails with the essays attached from your 2 group members, print each essay out, read it, and write your comments on the Feedback on Research Draft sheet provided. Try NOT to write on the essay itself – write your comments on the Workshop Sheet. And remember – this is NOT an editing session. Leave the grammar checking and proofreading for the writer. You can be most helpful at this stage by offering constructive comments about the larger issues that are listed on the orange Feedback sheet, so please use it to guide your feedback. Shruthi –
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