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Boston College
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Elaine Tarutis

Chantz Delgado May 10 , 2011 Professor Elaine Tarutis Research ProcessAnalysis I began my process by brainstorming and researching random sites on my topic. Using the journal entry, I obtained many sources from newspapers, websites, books, and journals. These sources were very detailed so I knew that they would be very useful. Additionally, I began to narrow my research to more on my main focus, which is where I discovered various sites and articles on my topic. Luckily, my topic is extremely popular because many people participate in video games. Especially since the video game industry is drastically on a incline, the effects are becoming more noticeable. I interviewed my roommate who does not really play video games, but has all of the systems and plenty of games. Then, I figured I would interview someone who is an extreme addict. Who else then my brother? My brother has been into video games since he was born. I knew that he would give me very useful informat
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