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ENGL 1080
Elaine Tarutis

Chantz Delgado Discussion Topics Professor Tarutis Literary Forms -One definite connection I made fromAnn Patchett’s Run and the previous poems is the idea of culture. I found it interesting in the scene in Patchett’s novel where Kenya wanted to go home with Teddy’s family. Bernard Doyle claimed that it would be against the law for them to take Kenya home with them without any notification of any sort. But Teddy said that since Kenya is anAfrican-American child, they will not care about her. I found that relative to the themes of the poems prior to the reading of this book because it deals with culture and how different each culture is. Granted, Kenya is not wanting to leave her black culture but she is being herself and the Doyle family recognize her intelligence. It just shows the reader that for one to fit in, one does not need to change their culture but in fact, focus on the comfortability of one’s self. -Another conne
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