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Film Studies
FILM 2202
Anna Blake

Audra Hampsch Intro to Film Fr. Blake 16 September 2013 Medium One-Shot, Low/Eye-Level Young Dzhokhar The camera faces the front of a small boy, about five years old. He is alone, crouching near the dirt floor of an abandoned, ruined building in rural Chechnya. The only source of practical light comes from the sun shining through the window. A gentle yet dramatic piano score begins to play in the background. Using a stick, the child intently scribes his Chechen name in the sand… Suddenly, he hears gunshots and explosions near the abandoned house. The noise forces him to fall onto his side. Medium One-Shot, HighAngle Young Dzhokhar Now we see the back of the child. He stands up warily, drops the stick, and begins to run in the direction away from the camera—towards the back left corner of the frame—fleeing the room. Guns and bombs continue to go off all around the building. Medium One-Shot, Eye-Level Young Dzhokhar The child enters from the bottom right corner of the frame, running at full speed down a flight of stairs. He has an apparent flustered and terrified expression on his face. He falls multiple times, yet frantically gets to his feet – Exits from the right side of frame, finally leaving the building. Medium One-Shot, Eye-Level Young Dzhokhar Dzhokar reaches the outside of the building, which is still a ruined lot. He enters on the left, running towards the right side of frame, falling as he goes. The camera tracks/dollies from the left to the right, following the child’s run. There are broken pieces of the building across the ground – Gunshots and bombs go off around him, blowing the sand and dirt into the air. Dzhokar covers his ears, wincing. Long Shot, HighAngle Young Dzhokhar and Chechen Soldiers Now we look down upon the boy, watching him run across the ruined lot in the middle of crossfire between two Chechen radical groups. The only
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