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Richard Burgess

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Jennifer Porter, Tampa FL “Hit and Run” case Synopsis: On March 31, 2004, 4 children—Bryant Wilkins (13), Durontae Caldwell (3), and their two siblings— were crossing North 22  Street in Tampa, FL when they were struck by car that fled the scene. Bryant and  Durontae were killed. Five days later, Jennifer Porter (29), former dance instructor, publically admitted to the  hit and run. She pleaded guilty to fleeing the scene. Porter was sentenced to five years of propation, two years  of house arrest, and five­hundred hours of community service. Response: The Tampa community was blunt in their disapproval of Porter’s punishment, claiming that she should have spent time in jail. However, there were no indications that Porter had been the car that hit the kids. So, her honesty and public declaration of the event suggest a maturity of the accident and an apology. I believe her punishment was just. Questions: • How did Porter’s parent react to her punishment? How did they react to the situation? • What has Tampa done in reaching out to the families of the children? US v.Alzanki N 94-1645 Synopsis : Gedara, a native of Sri Lanka, was originally employed as a domestic servant by theAlzanki family in their Kuwaiti re
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