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FORS 5315
Richard Burgess

Oliver Jovanovic Cyber Sex Scandal Case Synopsis: In the summer of 1996, Oliver Jovanovic—a microbiology student at Colombia University—engaged in Internet conversations with a woman named Jamie Rzucek. In initial Internet conversations, Jovanovic and Rzucek expressed their respective interests in “photos of corpses” and “snuff films.” Later, the two met up for a dinner date, which was followed by a movie at Jovanovic’s apartment. Rzucek alleged that she was held unwillingly in his apartment for twenty hours, where she was bound, gagged, sodomized, and tortured. Afew weeks later she filed a complaint to the police, where several bruises on her body were used as evidence. Rzucek did not press charges after she filed a complaint. Rather, Manhattan sex-crime division leader, Linda Fairstein, did. Jovanovic claimed that all the acts at the apartment were consensual.After an initial trial, Jovanovic was sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison, despite being offered a plea bargain.After the conviction, Rzucek’s grandmother made a statement about Rzucek’s tendencies to lie, and that the People vs. Jovanovic case was an example of her extreme lying. In 1999, after twenty months in prison, Jovanovic’s sentence was overturned because the New YorkAppellate Justice David Saxe believed that the state’s rape shield law had been misapplied to the case. Also, messages between Rzucek and J
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