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FREN 1009

Titre du film (Title): Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon) Réalisateur (Director): Albert Lamorisse Année (Year) : The film was released in 1956. Acteurs principaux (Main actors): The main actor of this film is a little boy named Pascal. Genre (Type of film): The film is classified as a Children’s/Family film. Personnages. (Characters) Décrivez 2 personnages importants (Describe 2 important characters): Pascal is the main character of the movie. He is a small blonde haired boy who appears to be around the age of five. He is intrigued by a balloon that follows his every step throughout the movie. Pascal is a very curious child, which can be seen immediately as he climbs a light post in order to grab the balloon. Although Pascal is the only character the film focuses on, a second person we see throughout the movie is his school principal. His principal seems to be a short-tempered man, as be punishes Pascal for bringing the balloon to school. We see another example of his anger when he let’s Pascal go out of the rage the balloon has cost him. Décrivez la première scène du film (Describe the first scene of the film): In the first scene, we see a small little boy (Pascal) dressed in all gray, walking through the streets of Paris. He walks by a cat and stops to play with it. He then heads down a flight of stairs, to find a balloon stuck on a light post. He climbs up the light post and retrieves the balloon. He places the string in his mouth and walks away. Où est-ce que le film a lieu? (Where does the film take place?): This film takes place in the streets of a town in Paris, France. Décrivez l'intrigue (the plot): The movie starts off when Pascal comes across a balloon stuck on a light post. He decides to untangle the balloon and take it with him. He then walks through the streets carrying around his balloon. He takes his balloon to school, and on his way back home, he interacts with people by placing his balloon underneath their open umbrellas. When he arrives home, his mother throws the balloon out of the window, but to Pascal’s surprise, it does not fly away. He realizes that the balloon follows him wherever he goes.
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