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HIST 1031
Robert Savage

February 25, 2013 th At the start of the 20 century, rivalries started to develop between the nation states in Europe - Germany, Austria, Italy vs. Britain, France, and Russia 1914 –Alliances had evolved within Europe and diplomacy developed based on alliances with secret clauses and agreements - Competition commercially and politically - Many small ethnic groups wanted to free themselves from theirAustrian rule (ie the Serbs) The nations were not threatened by the idea of war because they thought it would help bring back cohesiveness to the continent By 1900, an arms race began to accelerate and militarists became more prominent - Germany invested in building a navy that could challenge the British navy - Militarists had a lot of sway in the governments and many states began to build up large, modern armies to show their strength - Russia had an army of 1.3 million men, and France and German had armies of 900,000 As the 20 century progressed, war seemed inevitable and necessary. Summer 1914 – Serbia is planning to build their own state with the help of Russia in the Balkan Peninsula, butAustria disapproves. - If Serbia is successful, then the Austro-Hungarian empire will implode - Creates tension betweenAustria and Russia , because Russia believes the Serbs are being oppressed by CatholicAustria and they should fight for their independence June 28, 1914 – the archduke ofAustria, Franz Ferdinand, is assassinated by a group of Serbian nationalists. This sparks the process of all of Europe coming into the First World War - He was the next in line to the throne, so this was a huge blow to the Austrian government - Alliances start to complicate the decisions that are being made o Austria understands that if they attack Serbia, it will bring Russia into conflict, soAustria contacts Germany for their support if Russia chooses to fi
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