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Chapter 26 – Alliances, War, and a Troubled Peace The outbreak of war began when theAustrian arch-duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in the summer of 1914. After Prussia successfully created a large German empire, the nation began to grow in population, wealth, and military power. - Austria was significantly weaker and France was afraid of Germany’s growing strength Congress of Berlin – met in June and July of 1878 under Bismarck’s presidency. Russia was hit hard by the territorial changes, and Germany earned Russia’s resentment. In 1879, Bismarck formed an alliance between Germany andAustria that said they would come to each other’s aid if Russia attacked them. If another country attacked, it promised neutrality. - In 1882, Italy asked to join the dual alliance. In 1888, William the II came to the throne in Germany. He aimed to make Germany as strong as Britain, economically and militarily. - Bismarck’s successor was General Leo von Caprivi - William’s ascension made Germany an enemy in Britain’s mind, probably due to economic rivalry - The real problem was William’s foreign and naval policies In 1894, France and Russia signed a defensive alliance against Germany. In 1898, Germany began doubling the size of its navy and building battleships. William began a naval race with Britain as both continued to expand their navies. Entente Cordiale – a series of agreements that settled all colonial differences between Britain and France - Britain then mended relationships with Russia because they feared German influence 1914 – ASerbian nationalist assassinates Franz Ferdinand. Germany promised German support for an attack on Serbia. - Russia was not pleased with th
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