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HIST 1031
Robert Savage

April 24, 2013 Many European troops started to leave NorthAfrica because they no longer had to power or desire to restrain the independence movements In Israel, Britain supported the creation of a Palestinian and Jewish state next to each other. Israel then found itself fighting off attacks from its Palestinian neighbors and otherArab countries. By 1945, Britain had the largest amount of debt and they were no longer a great power. The Indian National Conference was formed in 1885 was a forum for English-educated Hindus who came together and argued for reform in India. Eventually, it began to embrace separatism, and became focused on gaining India independence from Britain. - There was tension between Muslim and Hindu Indians. 1930, the Muslim League was established, and widened the divide between the two groups. When travelling to SouthAfrica, Gandhi saw the conditions that many poorAfricans were living in. He was mainly concerned for the untouchables, who were born into poverty and were treated unfairly by the caste system. - He wanted India’s independence, but was mostly concerned with poverty - He embraced passive resistance, moral persuasion, and non-violence to encourage the British to leave India - They started to boycott British commercial domination by making their clothes at home In 1919, the British army massacred hundreds of protestors, including women and children. - Gandhi was arrested soon
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