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HIST 1031
Robert Savage

April 29, 2013 – The Legacy of Imperialism and the Cold War The rise of Islamic extremism is a result of the legacy of the Cold War and imperialism In 1947, Palestine began to be partitioned so the Jews could return to their homeland after the Holocaust. - At firstArabs and Jews were able to live together, but there were soon tensions as the Arabs were unhappy their land was being claimed by another group Al Naqba – in 1948,Arabs were forced to leave their homes due to ethnic cleansing - Israel had support from Western nations such as the US - Palestinians were forced off of more and more land over the years Palestinians began to resort to terrorism, and Hamas was the largest of these groups. Both men and women were involved, and suicide bombings became popular. - They believe the US helps bankroll Israel and justifies their actions Afghanistan was used as a buffer state between Russia and Britain as England fought for imperial territory inAsia. The country was separated by several ethnic groups. 1978 – the Communist People’s Democratic Party takes over the government inAfghanistan, and for ten years war was waged over opposition of the Soviets. The US sent aid and weapons to the Mujahideen to fight against the Soviets. - Other Muslims opposed to the Soviets to help in the fight Osama Bin Laden was born into the family of a billionaire, and helped bring weapons from the Arab world intoAfghanistan. - His family condemned him because he was becoming more and more radical. - In 1988, he formed Al-Quaeda The Soviets withdraw fromAfghanistan in 1989 After the war, Bin Laden withdrew to Sudan where he continued to build upAl-Queada Taliban – students who were Ethnic Pashtuns, they promised to stop the atrocities inAfghanistan and institute strict sharia law to maintain control - Some believed the fractured state needed to reunite and Massoud became a target among resistance groups, especially the Taliban - Mullah Omar was the messianic head of the Taliban movement By 1998, the Taliban had conquered most ofAfghanistan. They were funded by Pakistan and Bin Laden through his inheritance Throughout the 1990s, tensions continued to rise between the Islamic fundamentalists and the West over the West’s support of the Jews. Attacks co
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