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HIST 1031
Robert Savage

TheAge of Nationalism, the Unification of Italy 2/10/13 • Louis Philippe o “Bourgeoisie king” ruled from 1838-1848 o Had lived in Boston o The people of Paris grown tired of him o 1846-1847 Agriculture, industrial crisis o 1848 the people of Paris rose up against Louis o He tried to create reforms but it was “to little too late” o Republicans didn’t want any type of monarch they wanted there to be a republic • Economic challenges lead to rebellion o By 1847 1/3 working class in Paris was unemployed o 1848 students and workers barricaded to imply reforms o Louis called national guard to quell the rebellion and take down the barricades, but the national guard felt they could relate to the students and workers and refused to fire on them • Louis understood that he lost control and fled to England in 1848 o He had created discontent o Small number of people had voted him constitutional monarch o People formed a coalition against him o Still members of the bourgeoisie who regarded him as an imperious monarch who wasn’t moving fast enough to make reforms • Louis Blanc o AUtopian socialist proposed national workshops o Wanted to put people back to work through national workshops o Trying to take the edge off what many workers were experiencing o Employed many people, but the work was very minimal and had low wages o Hoping to repair the French economy • France was now ruled by a reform government (provisional government) o Put national workshops in place to try to put people back to work o Held a national election based on universal male suffrage to elect a new ruler o Decided that the workshops weren’t working o No more national workshops- put 120,000 out of work o Created discontent among the people but when they revolted the National Army crushed the uprising (this was the second revolt) o French capital experiences class warfare o National government was dominated by the bourgeoisie who had enough of the radicals o Many people killed and 11,000+ people were deported to colonies to quell uprising • Louis Napoleon (nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte) o Became the new “president” of France o Elected in national elections o Favorite of the rural lower class and the middle class bourgeoisie  People wanted stability o Responsible for changing the urban landscape of Paris  Believed the small narrow streets encouraged rebellions  Wide boulevards  Urban architecture • Nationalism o Ideology rooted in France o French nationalism built Napoleons empire. However, it inspired Europe’s Nationalist movement which would lead to his downfall (irony) o Nationalism spread to the areas that the French had conquered o Development between culture identity  Language, history, territory= nationality  Argued that it was natural to live in a state that embraces these characteristics  Wanted connection between culture and politics  Wanted to be free of
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