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Lecture 4

HIST 1055 Lecture 4: Lecture 4: Encounters Part I

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HIST 1055

Encounter and its Consequences, Pt. I ● Political conflicts among Native Americans contributed to the conquistadors’ successes, but the Spanish Empire had political problems of its own. Explain. ● New France ○ First contact was between French trappers/fishermen and native peoples ○ St. Lawrence was the center of their New World ○ Politics followed along with religious peoples (jesuits) ● Voyages of Columbus (1492-1504) ○ Four voyages in this period ○ First lands in Bahamas ○ Dumps convicts on shores, takes hostages, trades spices/goods ○ Was looking to set up private trading posts basically ○ When he runs into financial trouble his colonists begin to revolt ■ Gives them native people as slaves ○ Eventually Spanish gov intervenes ■ Takes over his outposts ■ Decrease his political power ■ Spain did this frequently to its entrepreneurs and explorers ■ Because it is so far away Spain worries about giving new lords, etc. too much power ○ Begin with trade but then turn to labor exploitation of natives to get gold and goods ■ Disease brought over and made worse by forced labor/resettlement kills majority of native populations fairly quickly ■ More expansion + need for more people = slaves from Africa start to be brought in ■ Huge ag land expansion (sugarcane, etc.) (mining) ○ Spanish men keep migrating over, missionaries come, lack of women leads to large mixed race population ○ Conquistadors ■ Come from military and religious backgrounds ■ When Spain gov. Takes over their conquests they continue to expand further and set up their own outposts and ag lands ■ Some looking for lost cities, enormous civilizations, gold ■ Hernan Cortes
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