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Lecture 2

HIST 1055 Lecture 2: Lecture 2: Maps and Boundaries

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Boston College
HIST 1055

Study Q’s: What was Europe’s recovery and consolidation period like? Christopher Columbus arrives in Spain: right place, right time. Why? - Christian rhetoric, Spain’s jealousy of Portugal Lecture 2: Maps, Boundaries, and the Ordering of the Early Modern World ❖ Contexts for European Expansion ➢ Recover from Disease (black death) ■ Started in southwest China in early 1300s ■ Bacterial disease spread by fleas and rats ■ Spread all over the world as result of major Eurasian trade routes ■ Chinese/European populations both drop by about ⅓ between early 1300s-1400s ➢ Recovery begins with establishment of small, local, political boundary units built around land ■ Feudalism ■ Population begins to increase ■ Most people are working on the land ■ Pay fees to local lords and church ■ Identity is developing - it was local, identified with your village/farm/fields not your country or larger ruling figure, everyone was the same religion ➢ Maps squeeze geography into theology ■ Educated people have a great deal vested in hierarchy and order ■ At that time Jerusalem was thought to be center of the world so every map surrounded/went off that idea ■ Maps had to agree with Bible and be properly depicted ■ Each part of th
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