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Prasannan Parthasarathi

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Chantz Delgado November 18 , 2011 Discussion 10 Essay Commercial Society and the French Revolution The right to property was included with liberty, security, and resistance to oppression as a “natural and imprescriptible” right because of the clear link to the commercial society and the French Revolution, and more importantly, to obtain order. According to the reading on “The French Revolution and Human Rights,” it states that the ignorance, contempt or neglect of the rights of man are the sole causes of public misfortunes and governmental corruption.”As a result, the NationalAssembly of France set out its declaration of the rights of man.Amongst a list of rights, the men of France were guaranteed property to display a sense of equality. Not only will guaranteeing property galvanize the commercial market, it will also show the citizens of France that their country supports the prosperity and equality of the nation. One major sign of wealth was property. The idea expressed is when the rich set out to obtain property; the reasons behind it were often related to enslaving other human beings to help maintain the property. Since everyone is liable to work, believe in personal ideals, and live free of oppression, the guarantee of propert
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