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Prasannan Parthasarathi

Chantz Delgado December 9 , 2011 Discussion 12 Essay The History of India Mill argues that India has no history because of the unreliable and inconsistent information written in the historical records about India. The information about the history of the Indians was not factual, but rather from men who had seen the people. These secondary sources had opinions that were distorted due to the “spectacle of a new system of manners, arts, institutions, and ideas that the Indians contained.As a result, historians investigated their past through other civilizations such as the Brahmans. Their investigation states that what is considered a fact in Indian history is “carried to the wildest pitch of extravagance” and is “utterly inconsistent with themselves and other established opinions.” Many false facts are presented regarding the life of a human and the amount of time a prince reigned. For instance, “in the Treta yug, human life extended only to 10,000 years, yet fifty five princes reigned, each at a medium, more than 23,000 years.” This indicates that princes were not human due to their significantly larger life span.As ridiculous as this sounds, these false facts were abundantly evident in a lot of their historical records. “The wildness and inconsistency of the Hindu statements evidently placed them beyond the sober limits of truth and history.”According to Mills, what was considered realities was extremely false and almost unreasonable. No suppositions have sufficed to establish a consistent theory. The Hindu legends still present a maze of unnatural fictions, in which series of real events can by no artifice be traced. The fabricated proofs, which these legends display, stemmed from a wild ungoverned group of people with no sense of what society
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