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HIST 1059
Prasannan Parthasarathi

Chantz Delgado Essay #4 Discussion 6 nd March 2 , 2012 Nationalism in Izmir Nationalism has shaped the understanding of events in Izmir post World War I in an interesting and inconsistent manner.According to the excerpt by Resat Kasaba, “Izmir 1922:APort City Unravels,” World War I plagued the individuals who have been residing in Izmir in an unfashionable and gruesome way.At the time of the early 1900’s, Izmir was controlled by the Greek army and after World War I, turned over their power to the Turkish army. The Turkish army took the land by force and rumor has it that they attacked the remaining residents, forcing them out by starting wildfires, “sporadic looting, robberies, rapes and murders (Pg. 204).” The Turkish nationalist forces arrested the remaining natives and enslaved them to work in clearing the debris and rebuilding the devastated towns. The day the Turks arrived to Izmir is considered a day of victory. The nationalists recalled that, “To the Turks, 9 September 1922 was liberation day for Izmir, the crowning event in their successful war of deliverance from the occupying Greek andAllied Forces (Pg. 207).” From that day forward, what was taught in the schools of Turkey was not that they shattered the lives of the people who lived in Izmir and damaged their culture, the children learned of a day of remembrance, a day of honor, a day when “the enemy was dumped into the sea (Pg. 208).” The children knew nothing of force and their nationalistic minds would never believe such preposterous accounts. What is invigorating is how both sides, the Greek and the Turks, have two antithetical perceptions of the event. Pro-Greek history displays the terror
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