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HIST 1059
Prasannan Parthasarathi

Chantz Delgado April 20 , 2012 Essay #10 Before the Iranian Revolution According to Shirin Ebadi’s IranAwakening, many Iranians were suspicious and cautious of the United States before the Iranian Revolution occurred. This wariness was caused by the event that took place onAugust 19, 1953, approximately twenty-five years before the revolution. The occasion was that the current Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh has been overthrown in a coup d’etat. What makes this government upheaval interesting is that according to Ebadi, the majority of the Iranian people believed Mossadegh a “popular statesman,” as well as “a beloved nationalist hero, a figure worthy of their zealous veneration, a leader fit to guide their great civilization (Pg. 4).”Ebadi clearly thought that his deposition was tremendously anomalous because of his actions as Prime Minister. He nationalized Iran’s oil industry, openly demanded for freedom of the press, was democratically elected and essentially fought for the Iranian people. However, what was unclear was the support of the young shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and unfortunately, the young shah had a respectable liaison with the United States and Britain. According to Ebadi, “the two Western powers were incensed by Mossadegh nationalization of Iranian oil (Pg. 5)” and it was understood that this incident played a pivotal role in his overthrow. Ebadi clarifies that this event was extremely chastening for her people because they sat back and watched the United States corrupt their politics with a few briberies and within a few days, witnessed their Prime Minister who was once a “beloved hero” trans
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