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HIST 1059
Prasannan Parthasarathi

Chantz Delgado Discussion #1 Essay Are There Objective Truths in History? The notion that objective truths exist in history is completely false.According to Carr’s “The Historian And His Facts,” it is impossible for historical records to be impartial. Historians search for facts and after listing them, begin to formulate their reasoning on the topic, which will always involve their own point of view. The result is numerous interpretations of the same event.Although facts are available to the historian through documents, letters, and inscriptions, another historian who formulated his reasoning based on another set of recordings wrote these records. Therefore, history is “a continuous process of interaction between the historian and his facts, an unending dialogue between the present and the past.” The interaction between the historian and his facts is based primarily on the interpretation of the facts. Carr interestingly incorporates why every event in the past is not considered historical facts. He claims that a fact is considered one if a historian decides to implement it into his argument. Carr states, “The fact speaks only when the historian calls on them: it is he who decides to which facts to give the floor, and in what order or context.” In other words, objective truths do not exist because the historian can modify facts to support any argument. Consequently, the historian becomes very selective. The historian will only use a specific fact if he thinks that it will support his thesis or interpr
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