HIST1083 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Byzantine Empire, Boyar, Serfdom

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22 Sep 2016
The Rise of Russia
Vast expansive land in East
Became a country in early modern period
Internal conflicts and interaction with foreigners to create the modern
Grow from fragments to a unit
Distinct, Neither part of Europe nor Asia
Heartland of Russia is Western Russia
Kievan Rus
Loose alliance of Slavic tribes
Modern day Ukraine, western Russia
oIndo european
oEthno Linguistic
Traditional dominant force in area
Conquered by Golden Horde
oDefeated by the Mongol Empire
oWestern faction
Forced to pay tribute
Orthodox Christianity
Russian Slavs converted by Byzantine Eastern Orthodox priests
o10th century
oAround Constantinople
Great Schism, 1054
oHeaded by Pope
oCoverage of spiritual domain
oTwo distinct churches
Eastern Orthodox Church in Constantinople, Catholic Church in Rome
Close religions links between Russians and Constantinople
Grand Duchy of Muscovy
Small collection of villages
Later became capital, Moscow
1325, shift as leader of Russian Orthodox church moves from Kiev to Moscow
oReligious relocation
oPolitical power follows
oRus people fled following Mongol invasions
oMongolians have to pay tribute but still seen as powerful
oKiev vs Moscow
Ivan the Great
Expanded territory
Defeats Poles, Novgorod
Consolidates Moscow under his states as a strong leader
oMotivation of expansion is the drive towards the sea, access is key
Confronted Golden Horde
Assumed legacy of fallen Constantinople
oOf religion
Ottoman Jackpot: Constantinople
Capital of Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire)
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