HIST1083 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: The Columbian Exchange, Corn Syrup, Global Exchange

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Published on 23 Oct 2016
The Columbian Exchange
The exchanges that occurred throughout the world that happened after the discovery of
the Americas
Before 1492, the Americas isolated from the rest of the world
Age of Discovery created a new bridge between Old and New Worlds
Native American population decimated
Americas plugged into global exchange network
The Columbian Exchange
Transfer of plants, animals, people, culture between Old and New World
Consequence of Age of Exploration
Diversity destroys diversity
Economic damages cost US today
Extinction of native species
Still paying price in 2015
New World
Americas to Europe, Africa, and Asia
poor quality food prior
Peppers, tobacco, pineapple, cacao, beans, vanilla
Pumpkin, peanuts, corn
Nutritional value
Brought to Spain
Productive food
Around Mexico
Man made and bio engineered
non-shattering , edible, farmable teosinte (corn) was created by repeatedly
crossbreeding teosinte with Eastern Gamagrass
Livestock feed, ethanol, corn syrup
American farm System
Multiple crops in one field
Avoided need for fertilizer, plows, fallow period
efficient, high calorie output, no need for resting ground because of exhaustion of
Population growth
Chocolate and Sugar - Atlantic Commodities
Chocolate and Sugar
Elite status
Massive demand which drives a demand to Old World
Drives global capitalism
Slavery expands
Import from Africa to do work in plantations
Before it was internal in Africa
Plantation system
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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