HIST1083 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Navigation Acts, Atlantic World, Indentured Servant

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31 Oct 2016
Piracy in the Atlantic World
Gold Age of Piracy
Way to get wealth
Fight, steal,
Port Royal: 17th Century Buccaneer Grand Central
Caribbean Heartland (Jamaica)
Letter of permission from the governor to release prisoners, get gold,
attack ships
Letter of mark
Outlaws take advantage of underdeveloped areas, hideout, be free from law
Staple of jamaican colony
Golden era followed by decline
Hub of smuggling and launch pad of piracy against Spain
Piracy thrives in areas with little enforcement and profit incentives
Sir Francis Drake
English sailor and trader
Original privateer
Backed by English crown
1568: attacked by Spanish
El Draque, Sir Francis
Circumnavigated world (1577-80)
1596 dies in Panama
Stole millions of dollars in gold
Spices and treasure
Captain Henry Morgan
Indentured servant
No money
English buccaneer in Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica
Attack Spanish
1667 hired to free English prisoners
Commander in chief, Jamaican fleet
Prisoner and governor
Pirate Dream and Nightmare: Navigation Acts
Sign of changing times
Contradictory results: regulated trade but encouraged piracy
Non english ships forbidden to transport goods between english ports
Some formerly legal transport now illegal
Pirates exploited market opportunity
Captain William Kidd
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