HIST1083 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Serfdom In Russia, Emerging Power, Serfdom

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5 Dec 2016
1750s: Birth of the European Moment
Entering period where various factors come together to make Europe a dominant force
More powerful and more aggressive empires expanding around the world from europe
Any conflict that occurs is likely to have repercussions
Fragmented empires, coastal trade
Not many inland dominance
Maritime nature
Mercantilism: dominant characteristic of EUropean empires
Traditional powers and emerging powers compete
Consolation and fragmentation
Empires consolidating power
Local rebellions and resistance
Foundation in modern era taking shape, “The European Moment”
Peter the Great
Rapid modernization
Academy of the Sciences, Western Calendar, CUlture
St. Petersburg
What happens post peter?
Elements of western culture
Russia Expands
Catherine the Great
Prussian Born: Sophie Friederike Auguste von Anhalt-Zerbst Dornburg
Arranged marriage to Russian heir (1745)
Emperor and Empress of Russia
After 6 months, she had him killed
Enlightened Despot
Expands empire
Revolving door policy
Serfdom central to power
Supports Enlightenment movement but
Russian Serfdom
Long tradition of peasant ownership and sale
Institutionalized social structure
Was it comparable to slavery?
Legal ghosts
Small German principality surrounded by major powers
Frederick the Great
“A large military with a state attached
Major player in future German story
Opened government offices to non-nobility
Shifting Alliances
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