HIST1083 Lecture Notes - Lecture 31: Maximilien Robespierre, Natural And Legal Rights, Extreme Measures

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18 Dec 2016
Lecture 12.1.16 The French Revolution becomes the Terror (1793-1794)
Final Exam, Monday Dec. 19, 12:30pm at McGuinn 1212 hours, 2 OCE’s, 2 Essays
Key Terms
o Ancient Regime
o Louis XVI
o Bourgeosie
o National Assembly
o National Convention
o Reign of Terror
o Robespierre
o Directory
Europe 1789
o National Assembly 1789
Daring because the king was still there
o Ideological revolution
Ca’t kill a idea
o Bourgeois rule
The educated, lawyers, doctors, tradesmenwealthy but no political power to
equal financial wealth
They are the leaders of this revolution
o Endpoint?
No blueprintdangerous and unpredictable situation
Reforms of the National Assembly (October 1789 September 1791)
o Enlightenment thinkingno special privileges
Separate Church and state
Human rights
Equality, limited monarchy
o standardized system of courts and citizen-filled juriescant sell judicial offices no
more torture
o uniform system of weights and measuresshows how deep this revolution runs
because this measures everyday life
Declaration of the Rights of an 1789
o Men are born free and equal
o Natural rights of liberty, property, security
o All citizens are equal before the law
o Innocent until proven guilty
o Freedom of speech
o Creation of public military force
Revolutionary Stages
o Constitutional Monarchy and National Assembly, 1789-1792
o Flight to Varennes, June 1791
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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