HIST 1084 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Reform Act 1832, Utopian Socialism

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6 Feb 2017
The Rise of Socialism
Karl Marx
Historical Materialism
Scientific Socialism
19th Century Social Structure
Factory Rule: Rage Against the Machine
Artisan victims
Damage equipment in factories
People who are taken out their existing business by a new wave of technology
Ideological Vacuum
Allows socialism to come in
Among working class
Embryonic Working Class
English Chartist Movement
1832 Reform Act extended voting rights of just 20% of men
“People’s Charter” of 1838 protested limited reform
Chartists’ overall goals
Increase the political, social, and economic welfare of the working class in Great
Equal rights
Utopian Socialists
Scorned capitalism as worst form of individualism
Acquisition and competition were egoistic endeavors
Charles Fourier called for self sustained communities with 1620 members
Planned and enclosed communities
Radical change in society
Brook Farm
American version of planned communities
Outskirts of Boston
Idea out there now
Practical Socialists: Louis Blanc
State brought freedom and guaranteed standard of living
State Workshop Programs to employ poor
State funds minimum standard of living
Anarchist: Pierre Joseph Proudhon
“A common danger tends to concord. Communism is the exploitation of the strong by the
weak. In Communism, inequality comes from placing mediocrity on a level with
Scientific Socialism: Karl Marx
Communist Manifesto (1848)
Historical document
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