HIST 1084 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Italian Unification, Power Vacuum, Franco-Prussian War

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6 Feb 2017
Nationalism 2.0: “Blood and Iron”
Centripetal/Centrifugal Nationalism
Mix history and physics
Otto von Bismarck
Großdeutsch v Kleindeutsch
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Movement to unify peninsula of Italy
Treaty of Versailles, 1871
Unify Germany
Superpowers: Britain, US, Germany, Russia, Italy
Germany: Rise of a Superpower
After 1848: UK, US, Russia, Japan, Germany, on rise
Decline of China, Ottoman, Austria
Industrial power, diplomacy, military
Local and global impact
Italian impact
Tinderbox Empire: Austria
Traditional superpower
Habsburg family
By 1850s, fragile giant
Internal and external challenges
Sardinia push Italian unification forward against Austria
Two Sides of Nationalism
Centripetal: consolidates fragmented peoples across borders
Centrifugal: fragments multinational states / empires
19C Nationalist Mutations
Birth of modern nationalism 1789
Liberal / romantic, people power
1848, turning point
New management
Second wave: “blood and iron” nationalism
Conservative power politics
“Italy” 1848
Austria, France influence
Papal states
Risorgimento independence movement
Born from Napoleon
Unifying Italy
1848 heroic failure
1860s Sardinia takes control
King Victor Emmanuel
Uses nationalism to achieve political goal of united italy
Conservative monarchy, not democratic republic
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Banished in 1834 and 1848
International symbol of resistance
Red Shirts
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