HIST 1084 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: British Rail Class 700, Social Stratification, Grand Banks Of Newfoundland

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22 Feb 2017
The Titanic & The Age of Extremes
Maritime disaster when there was cable underwater
Able to make news because of mass media
The Unsinkable Happens
Age of optimism
Industrial revolution
Sense of invincibility
Mother nature not forgivable
Global Competitors
White Star Line
Better technology
Emerging huge global commercial industrial and international competition for profit
Symbol of cutthroat capitalist competition
competitor: Cunard Line
Positive development for passengers traveling
Joseph Bruce Ismay
Chairman of White Star line
Global businessmen
Ordered Building of Titanic
Luxury over safety
Ireland, 1910: The Sinking Feeling
Built in Belfast in 1909
Country is a single territory
Political issue between ethnic British and Irish
Shipyard is owned by protestant family
Harland and Wolff Shipyard
Protestant Shipbuilding Company
In 1910, employed 15,000 workers
Worked 49 hours per week
Earned 2 pounds per week
30-minute lunch break
One-week vacation
Indicative of good welfare
Cost $7.5 million ($175 million)
852.5 feet long, 92.5 wide
66,000 tons
159 furnaces, 29 boilers
Only 20 lifeboats for 3,300 capacity
First Class
Squash courts
Barber shops
Turkish baths
Swimming pools
Dog kennel
325 people
royalty, aristocrats, old money
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