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Lecture 16

HIST 1084 Lecture 16: The Flipside of Democracy

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HIST 1084
Peter Moloney

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Module 5 The Flipside of Democracy The Rise of Nazism (19191938) Weimar Republic Mein Kampf Volksgemeinschaft Nuremberg Laws Kristallnacht Horrific period for those on the wrong side of the conflict Weimar Republic 19191933 Versailles humiliated Germans Weimar weak, tainted, ineffective Hyperinflation, unemployment, dismembered country Fear of communism Opportunity for Fascists Hate foreign enemies Treaty of Versailles The Fascist Rise Treaty of Versailles Stab in the back Freikorps Hyperinflation Communist threat National socialist German Workers Party Angry and motivated group Antisemitic Adolf Hitler Born in Austria in 1889 Shattered by WWI defeat Jews and Communists stabbed Germany in the back 1920 National Socialist German Workers Party Great control Template of Mussolini 1923: launches unsuccessful Beer Hall Putsch Arrested Tried to overthrow government fails Imprisoned for 9 months Treason Writes manifesto Mein Kampf 1925 My Struggle Antisemitic Aryans Jews: blame Lebensraum Living space Territory lost by Germans Aryans deserve territory to match greatness
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