HIST 1084 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Munich Agreement, Maginot Line, Lebensraum

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19 Apr 2017
World War II: The War in Europe
Nazi-Soviet Pact
Battle of Stalingrad
Hitler’s Quest for Lebensraum
Aryans deserved more high quality land
Darwinian view of the world : survival of the fittest
Could only happen with Eastward movement
Austrian Anschluss (1938)
Hitler and Nazis march into Austria
No resistance
Could have been a turning point
Why did the Allied Powers allow Hitler to go unpunished?
Desire to avoid another war on the scale of WWI
Key disagreements among allies
GB: believes that peace could be maintained by satisfying the reasonable
demands of dissatisfied powers (appeasement), they also see Hitler as bulwark
against communism
France: unwilling to take Germany without GB
US: retreated into isolationist stance
Sudetenland, October 1938
Demands land over border
Allies divided, chose appeasement
Munich agreement
Czechs not invited
Invade October 1938
Appeasement: The Munich Agreement, 1938
Peace in our time
Got Sudetenland
Czechoslovakia, March 1939
More land
Hitler does not have the military
Any more expansion there will be a war
Invade Poland 1939, triggers war
Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact 1939
Germany and USSR promise not to enter the war if the other is engaged in a continental
Also had agreed to carve up Poland and Eastern Europe
Hitler has confidence
Blitzkrieg: lightning war, thunder and lightning
France’s Maginot Line
New defensive line from Swiss border to Luxembourg/Belgium border
Germans attacked 1940 and took Paris
Consolidation of territory
Democracy’s do not have stamina for a fight according to Hitler
Thought about GB
France Surrenders June 1940
Looked with cowardice
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