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Emily McClure Job 1-25 I found that the explanations for suffering of the innocents that are offered in Job 1-25 were somewhat hard for me to find and decipher. I had a little bit of trouble finding solid/blatant examples, but there are definitely glimpses of the four explanations that we talked about in class: the suffering of the innocent is evil, it is meaningless, it is compensated for, or that it serves a greater purpose. To begin, there are a couple references to the possibility of the justification that the innocent suffer because God is malicious and immoral. For example, in Job’s Second Reply, he tells Bildad, “If I appealed to him [God] and he answered me, I could not believe that he would listen to me; With a storm he might overwhelm me, and multiply my wounds for nothing; He would not allow me to draw breath, but might fill me with bitter griefs” (Job 9:16-17). He complains that God is not always merciful or predictable and that He oftentimes might just punish him for no reason or reasons that are unclear. In Job’s Third Reply, he further elaborates on the cruelty of God: “He uncovers deep things from the darkness, brings the gloom into the light. He makes nations great and destroys them, spreads people abroad and abandons them” (12:22-23). There are also suggestions that the world is amoral and ruled by nobody or that God rules apathetically. For example, at the end of Job’s Third Reply he explains that it is possible that people don’t receive praise or punishment from God, or that even if God does praise them, He just doesn’t give any obvious signs or visible proof to show them that. He adds that it seems as though humans live in the earthly present, without any involvement from God, and only focus on their own emotions and earthly praise or pu
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