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Emily McClure Iphigenia Reaction Notes In the movie, there are a lot of similar themes and motifs that we saw in Homer and the other things we’ve read this semester. For example, there is the motif of honor/glory. Menelaus andAgamemnon argue about honor when they are arguing about what to do with the oracle.Also, whenAchilles finds out thatAgamemnon used him as bait, he is furious because he thinks that Agamemnon has ruined his name and humiliated his honor by involving him in such a horrible deed. Then, towards the end (but before she decides to present herself for sacrifice) Iphigenia challenges the worth of glory. She pleads to her father: “Why would I want to die? I would be insane. It’s better to be unhappy and alive than dead and glorified”. Also present is the conflict between war/warrior values vs. family and personal values/ethos. This is seen very concretely in the internal struggle thatAgamemnon has in deciding whether to sacrifice his daughter so that the Greeks can sail off and win war or to save Iphigenia and let down the Greek army. I liked that the movie allowed us to see a different side ofAgamemnon than we have previously in this course. It shows his true struggle and despair and his back-and-forth decisions during this time. In the things we have read up to this point,Agamemnon has seemed more heartless for sacrificing his daughter, but the movie makes me really pity him. I was especially struck when he runs away from Menelaus saying that he can’t let the
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