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Lecture 10

ISYS1021 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Cash Conversion Cycle, Personalization, Vertical IntegrationPremium

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Information Systems
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George Wyner

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Amazon Strategy Case Study:
Lower cost structure leads to
Lower Price leads to
Customer experience leads to
High traffic leads to
More sellers lead to
More selection which leads to
Lots of growth
Three Pillars Drive Growth:
1. Selection
2. Lowe Prices
3. Customer Experience
Scale and Specificity (Amazon’s Crisis vs. Walmart):
Robots in huge inventories can bring pods to the Queue to someone for packing which
decreases searching time in large warehouses
Walmart has to go from warehouse to stores (10s of thousands) has specific stocks for
Amazon has to ship to millions of customers with random stocks very specific to the
certain customer at that specific time
Amazon Switching Costs:
Lose Prime specialties and free shipping
Might have already paid for prime
Credit card info
Amazon’s Negative Cash Conversion Cycle
A product stays on a shelf in best buy for about 70 days and 33 amazon
Amazon has negative cash conversion because they get paid before they pay suppliers
Invoice from other businesses have terms, but they give you net x with the time frame
you have to pay in
Best buy has to wait after paying for items before getting paid
o This time frame is the cash conversion cycle
May need to borrow money to fill Cash Conversion Cycle
Having a negative cash conversion cycle is a huge financial advantage
Cash Conversion Cycle and Turn Over Study
Barnes and Nobles
-average book store every 121 days
-book on shelf 68+ days
-3 times/ year
-have to figure out where to distribute
sellable products too
-committed to brick and mortar
model- can’t manage their inventory
the way amazon does
-shelf and warehouse stock
-16 times per year
-average book in house 22 days
-avg 28 days of float or title
-All warehouse stock
-Few returns
find more resources at
find more resources at
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