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Lecture 15

ISYS1021 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Server Room, Scalability, Salesforce.ComPremium

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Information Systems
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George Wyner

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Data as a Strategic Resource:
(Cloud Notes Continued)
Information systems add value by transforming data into information
o single table or a collection of related tables with large amounts of information
Database management systems: (DBMS)
o Software for creating, maintaining, and manipulating data
o Recreational database is the dominant technology
o Structured Query Language: (SQL)
o Used to create and manipulate relational databases
Database examples:
Web applications like word press
Web base design is important and you need to include enough information
Sort by last name need separate fields
Referential integrity:
o when something doesn’t fit with the data and therefore causes some time of error
Database automatically generates the numerical order ID
When we use V LOOKUP we’re matching data information
Don’t usually use exact lookups
Cloud Computing:
The dynamic provisioning of IT capabilities
Three main categories
o Software (as a service SaaS) Google Docs
o Platform as a service (Paas)
Software as a service is anytime you get an app that you don’t have to
install (like rental), Facebook, Twitter, Group me (things like it anyway),
app is connecting you
o Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)- Amazon rental computer or storage space
BC uses APEX and has a server room in the old seminary
Cloud Benefits
o Scalability:
easy to grow
When things get overloaded in real life you’re screwed, cloud can be
scaled up or back based on need
o Agility
You can shift size and how things work easily
Because Amazon and Google have such impressively sized infrastructure
they have access to many more forms of data, software, and general
utilities that consumers would otherwise have to purchase separately
o Reliability
Google and amazon run what you need for you so it’s safe and not your
o Cost Savings
find more resources at
find more resources at
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