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Marketing Research Prof. Linda Salisbury February 14, 2013 A Few Notes about Fan Page  The most relevant metrics depend on your goals  Metrics you should consider:  # of likes  Engagement  comments, likes, shares  If you have videos  # of views  Analytics provided on Facebook insights 2 L. C. Salisbury Boston College 2013 Valentine’s Day: The Holiday That Marketing Built  $18.6 Billion – amount Americans are expected to spend this Valentine’s Day  $130.97 – amount average person plans to spend $175.61 for men; $88.78 for women Source: 2013 National Retail Federation Valentine’s Day Spending Survey 1 Where does MR fit in? formulate strategy evaluate product/ plan opportunities brand execute segment implement business marketing price strategy objectives environment target analysis • Business mission position channels/ evaluate • Business goals • Marketing distribution performance • Sustainable environment • Segment profiles competitive • SWOT • Target customer advantage • Target description • Positioningcommunications marketing research, analysis, & metrics 4 L. C. Salisbury Boston College 2013 MR in Action:  82% of revenue came from 26% of customers  Not high rollers but middle aged workers and seniors  4-tiered Total Rewards program designed to meet the needs of those customers 5 Boston College 2013 Why Do Marketing Research? P/B S P IS BO MEA T C/D EP P C L. C. Salisbury 6 Boston College 2013 2 Assessing Risks vs. Rewards Examples:  Which product design is most likely to be successful?  Should we increase our price? By how much?  Should we stop selling our products at Kmart?  Should we open a second restaurant? Where?  How much should we spend on promotion? For which products and geographic areas? What type of media? L. C. Salisbury 7 Boston College 2013 Ethics and Customer Information L. C. Salisbury 8 Boston College 2013 The Marketing Research Process Defining Designing Collecting Analyzing Presenting Obj
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