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U.S.AIRWAYS Current Marketing Strategy Business Objective: According to its official website, U.S.Airways says that excellent customer service is a top priority for them. In order to achieve this goal, U.S.Airways prides itself on offering the lowest fares possible at the time to its customer, regardless of whether they book online, on the phone with a U.S.Airways employee, or at a counter desk. U.S.Airways also seeks to notify customers as much in advance as possible if there are delays or problems, and always seeks to get your baggage to you in a timely manner. U.S.Airways also seeks to accommodate special circumstances, such as providing unaccompanied minors with an escort and attention to customers with disabilities. Source: US/aboutus/customersfirst/customerserviceplan.html Acquisition/Retention Focus: Because the airline industry is so volatile due to its pricing structure, many customers may not feel a particular loyalty to a specific airline; instead, they may choose their flights based on time management, locational convenience, or price. This is a difficult challenge for both U.S.Airways and all airline carriers. Because of this challenge, U.S.Airways is determined to providing superior customer service to its customers in the hopes that this will convince them to fly with U.S.Airways over other low-cost carriers or big carriers such as United. U.S. Airways hopes that this goal of excellent customer service will allow them to retain customers in an industry privy to a competitive and volatile pricing structure. Segmentation and Targeting: U.S.Airways seeks to accommodate both leisure and business travelers, especially those who are traveling domestically within the U.S., as domestic travel is U.S.Airways’current operational strength with 154 domestic destinations (compared to 44 international routes). In terms of segmentation and targeting, U.S. Airways customers are 60% male and 40% female, with strongest influence in the age range from 18-54 years old. While this range is broad, its strength lies more towards the end of that age spectrum, between 45-54 years old. The median household income for a U.S. Airways customer is $129,000.Amajority of U.S.Airways customers have some sort of degree, with 78% having a college degree and beyond. Information source: Target Customer Description: Mike is a 45-year-old man who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife, Judy and two children,Amy (13) andAdam (10). Mike is a manager of a Bank ofAmerica branch in Charlotte, and his wife Judy is a middle school teacher at the schoolAmy andAdam attend. While Mike does travel for business due to the widespread reach of Bank of America, he is not what you would call a “frequent flyer” in the business world. Judy and Mike like to take vacations in the summer when school is out of session for Judy and the kids, and have only traveled domestically for vacations. When considering what airline to use, Mike and Judy consider several factors: time convenience, whether the flight is non-stop or connection, and friendly and consistent customer service. Positioning: Regarding the impending merger, the U.S.Airways official website positions the merger in a positive light, emphasizing the merger’s stronger global presence. “The combined company will retain the iconicAmericanAirlines brand name, and will provide you with more choices and better service throughout the world. The combined company will be headquartered in Dallas-Fort
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