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Donald James

Kelsi McDougle Professor Fludd Management and Entrepreneurship 8 October 2013 While I was unable to attend the Jackson Katz performance on Sunday night, based on the discussions in class on Monday, I feel as though I have a fairly good idea regarding the reactions of my peers. Being an athlete, I found it interesting the comments made about male athletes at Babson having an “issue”. From what I could tell, there was a lot of controversy over what was said at the presentation. Personally, I do not think causing controversy advances an issue in anyway. If more students walked out of the presentation feeling defensive rather than inclined to change something about the issues at Babson, then the presentation probably was not as effective as it could have been. In my honest opinion, being a student athlete I have been to several parties with male athletic teams, and I do see a problem between certain interactions. I feel, however, that targeti
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