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MKTG 3170
Donald James

Kelsi McDougle CWEL Retreat Management and Entrepreneurship 1. Often I find that I am at my best when I do small, simple things for the betterment of others. For example, I think when I’m alone and notice something out of place- trash on the ground, something spilled in the cafeteria, a person struggling to carry something- and I do what I can to make the situation easier, I display good character. I try my best to make the lives of other people easier by doing simple things along the way. 2. Aspecific time I felt I was at my best was during my last indoor track season as a senior in high school. Instead of getting worked up over my own performance, I began to put more energy into helping my younger teammates feel prepared and excited to race rather than nervous. By taking the focus off of myself, I was able to help other people- something I feel I do best. When I stepped up t
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