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MKTG 3170
Donald James

Management and Entrepreneurship Lessons Learned 11 December 2013 While I have learned a lot about group work and my peers this semester, I have also learned invaluable information about myself as I adjusted to the college lifestyle. Most predominantly, I learned that the way in which I handled group work in high school does not have to be the way I handle group work in college—here, I can actually trust my teammates to pull their own weight and complete their assignments. From the two peer assessment feedbacks I received, both were consistent in regards to my habit of taking ownership and responsibility for potential failures instead of seeing them as a team issue. From this, I have learned that not only do I need to trust my teammates more, but they want me to trust them more.Also, I have learned that my reaction and changes to the first peer assessment were minimal. In order to use the feedback constructively, I am going to have to put in more effort to li
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