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Professor Svetelj November 11, 2013 1. Introduction Prompt: The relevance of being virtuous (moral) in our law-based society seems to be an open question with no unanimous answer acceptable by all. Why is it nevertheless important to become a virtuous person or act morally? a. Thesis: In our law-based society today it is still necessary to become a virtuous person because through this one can gain genuine pleasure, lead a good life, and acquire personal happiness; which cannot be gained by solely following the laws in place as supported by Plato in The Republic. 2. AGood Life a. Argument: The majority of people think that a good and successful life results from attaining what they want and this is good, be it materialistic or an emotional state. It is truly the philosopher though who understands what is the best and wants to acquire it. As a result the philosopher has a truly good life, because he is looking for what is honestly good. b. CounterArgument (Limit): People can bring up the argument that good is subjective and that every person wants
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