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October 2, 2013 Professor Svetelj Outline – Paper I 1. Intro: Philosophy is necessary in our day and time and continues to find a place in society, even as technology and science still goes on to make greater strides. a. Thesis: Philosophy’s goal today is at it was in the past, which was to search for the most truthful and deepest explanation of an idea or other aspect of our existence. The nature of philosophy still stands as being the foundation for our schools of thought today. 2. Happiness a. Define Happiness b. Argument: Atrue long lasting happiness can only be acquired with the use of philosophy, to help make beneficial decisions in ones life. i. Helps avoid decisions that lead to untruthful happiness that lasts for only short periods of time and can easily leave as it had arrived. c. Counter Argument: For some a deeper meaning of happiness cannot be achieved if they only focus on minutia and the little things at hand. i. Without a broad perspective of life and individuals around one, it is hard to see the happiness in the whole rather than the unhappiness in the moment. 3. Education a. Define Ed
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