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PHIL 1090
Pheme Perkins

1 Delgado Chantz Delgado March 2 , 2011 Perspectives On Western Culture Professor Perkins Is The Concept Of God The Evolutionary Consequence Of The Hyper Social Brains Necessary For Homo Sapiens? Objections: Many philosophers will say no to this question because many believe that God exists and that there is plenty of proof. For example, Descartes’Discourse On Method provides plenty of reasons and examples of God’s existence. Descartes believes that it is impossible for an imperfect mind to develop something so perfect as God if God does not really exist. He claims that the reason why humans are in doubt of God is because humans are naturally imperfect. If something is not supported by senses or imagination, humans will refuse to believe that it exists. However, Descartes states that God’s existence can only be perceived by reason. The answer to this question seems to be no due to the argument that because God is a perfect mind, and humans are his creation, bodies are perfect because humans are the result of God’s mind at work. Descartes supports another argument again. He proves God’s existence through Geometry. He claims that certainty, which is provided by the likelihood of Geometry, is believed although there is no assurance that anything in Geometry is real. Descartes gives an example of the triangle in which the sum of all three sides is 180 degrees.Although all humans are uncertain as to what exactly is a triangle, humans still came to the agreement that all three sides of the triangle correctly equal 180 degrees. Since they are so certain about something that is essentially a concept, and is represented by reason, the same 2 reason applies to the idea of God’s existence.Any type of doubt that a person has is removed by the existence of God. On The Contrary: However, the answer cannot be no because every idea that has ever been developed was produced by human reason. Therefore, humans established the idea of God due to the desire to understand life. Since humans are natural psychologists, the concept of God was produced because if God does exist, then many of the doubts in this world will be answered. In conclusion, God only exists because of the natural ability of human’s mind overanalyzing the fact that the only reality in life is “the air you breathe.” I answer that God is the consequence of the hyper social brain. In consideration of the advanced minds of the modern humans, many people have decided to stray away from the idea of God. The answer to this question is yes because according to the excerpt “Are You There God? It’s Me, Brain,” Jesse Bering claims that all humans naturally have something that is called the “theory of mind” which is used to explain and predict other people’s behavior. As a result of humanity’s development, humans have a tendency to “overshoot our mental-state attributions to things that are, in reality, completely mindless.” For example, the concept of God results from the desire to understand life. The concept of God is the consequence of the hyper social brains because humans want to believe that there is something more than life. Humans feel as if there is something grander out there, watching, knowing, caring, and thus, begin to attach this stereotypical God-figure to some of the natural events that happen on Earth.Another argument is the idea that our mind contains emotion, beliefs, knowledge, understanding, and intentions. This means that if God contains all the attributes that a mere human contains according to the Bible, then the concept of God resulted from humans being this ‘natural psychologist” 3 Delgado and hyper-analyst. Additionally, if one breaks down every holy book written, one will come to the conclusi
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