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PHIL 1090
Daniel Frost

Nicomachean Ethics: Book I Artistotle  hes bound to truth over friendship. Metaphysical preliminaries: The classical view: were different from beasts in such a way to such a degree that we are a difference in kind The modern view: we are different from beasts but only in degree. We’re animals. Vegetative capacity: “nutrition and growth” not peculiar to human beings plants humans and animals all do it not a human feature. Sense perception: animals and humans Rationality: just human differentiates us from everything else and is the source of our ethical behavior. You can do vicious things and not be a vicious person. You can do virtuous things and not be a virtuous person. Diff from plato bc starts small gets large not from gen prin and works inward Soak up whatever life has to offer in moderation because it enhances life. If your actively aiming at the good things in life or abstaining from them that’s just as bad as indulging. • Teleology  things, pursuing ends, purposes. The end of an acorn is to become an oak tree. That oak tree is in a way in the acorn. • Talks of bridles for horse but goes to general for war and generals there is a master goal which is not a means to another end and this most agree is happiness  sufficient in itself • The study of ethics is imperfect – its not a science – there are too many particulars in ethical scenarios. To have a whole blanket rule is to ignore the particulars. It is possible thou. • The science of the human good is politics; if human good is happiness, it is best interest f this science to discuss happiness on an individual level before you can get to the level of the group. The good of the political community is only as good as the good of the people. The relation between happiness and politics: 1. We recognize some actions as beautiful [noble] things to do (1009a 5-7). 2. Apolitical community always has a stake in the inclination its citizens have toward doing what is beautiful [noble] (1099b 29-32). 3. Happiness is possible only to mature human beings, who can choose what is beautiful in preference to what is immediately gratifying (1099b 32-1100a 4). 4. Among the things recognized as beautiful are greatness of soul amid misfortunes (110b 30-33) and an acceptance of death that preserves its proportion to one’s life (1101a 17). Nicomachean Ethics Book 5 General justice: Justice  an active condition of the soul only take your fair share of goods that
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