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Lecture 14

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Boston College
PHIL 1091
Andrea S Staiti

IKantAOur practical life is characterized by this impulse to attain happinessBTo reason about a flourishing human lifeIIBeing vs OughtASeinSollenBToo much focus on being and not on oughtCHow people OUGHT to behaveiThe point of moralityethics is to set the ultimate standards and people should strive to reach that standardDThe outcome of our actions is not something that is entirely in our controlEActions doesntintentionsFA good will should be evaluated purely upon intentions not outcomesIIIDUTYAGood will evaluated on intentionshow does a good will form its intentionsformulation out of dutywhat is the duty earlier philosophers didnt talk about duty distinctive contribution from KantIVReasonInclinationAWhat is the connection between duty and reasonBFor Kant not all of our actions are relevant from the point of view of moralityCIf we are trying to figure out what is the good the actions that obey the co
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