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Lecture 11

PHIL 1091 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Blaise Pascal

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PHIL 1091
Andrea S Staiti

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The Mission
I. Relevance
A. Always a battle
B. Dialogue threaten with hell and condemnation instead of threatening
i. Offer salvation
II. What makes the approaches different
Blaise Pascal
I. Brief biography
A. Mathematician
B. Spiritual person
i. Member of Jansenism
ii. Close to Lutheranism and Calvinism
iii. Long-standing feud with Jesuits
Jesuits too lenient
Existential connotation of Christianity
II. The spirit of what Pascal is doing
A. “The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fill me with dread
III. Thought
A. Consciousness
B. The ability to think of things
i. Reminiscent of Descartes
Distinction between extended being and thinking being
C. Thinking reed
i. 112 Through thought, I grasp it
IV. Reason and heart
A. We know the truth
B. It is trhoughthe latter
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