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PHIL 1091
Andrea S Staiti

CLASS NOTESINotion of virtueAPrudence consists in knowing how to assess risks and in accepting the lesser evil as a goodB Attack on PlatoiI thought it sensible to go straight to a discussion of an imaginary world For many authors have constructed imaginary republics and principalities that have never existed in practice and never could for the gap between how people actually behave and how they ought to behave is so great that anyone who ignores everyday reality in order to live up to an ideal will soon discover he has been taught how to destroy himself not how to preserve himselfPlato would want to thrive not surviveIIDifference in goalsAPlatoiHigher thought striving for goodiiNot about preservation about transcendence of human intellectiiiGood for a philosopher not a rulerivAppeal to divine thoughtvTrying to gain understandingviContemplativeviiFocused on the soul vir
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